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last updated: March 31, 2016

We open on Saturday, March12, 2016.  Not all plants will be ready so early, so please check with us before driving out.  We are always closed on Mondays

Huge Sale !!!   Many GREEN Japanese Maples that are not grafted are 50% (OR MORE!!) off.  

Big hosta sale also!  

Daylilies on sale for only $5 to $7! 

and more---See our sale list!

  21008 Woods Creek Road, Monroe, WA  98272
tel 360-794-6823

fax 360-805-4356

email:  sharon@woodscreeknursery.com

(Don't use MapQuest to find us - it is wrong - see our Directions)


Hours change with the seasons.  Please see current hours page.


Are you looking to plant a hedge this year?  We have a huge selection of hedge plants for all situations. 


We have gift certificates!!!  Just give us a call and we will mail the gift certificate to you or your recipient.  EASY!

Buy Washington grown plants!!  Did you know that the plants grown for the big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, etc. use Plant Growth Regulators?  These are very toxic chemicals that keep the plants short enough to fit on their shelves.  The people who work with them have to use heavy, protective clothing and the effects of these growth retardants on humans or animals is not yet known.  We grow all of our own plants right here, without chemicals.


Note regarding Japanese Maples:  We have noticed that some of the big box stores are selling Japanese Maples that were "false-balled".  This means that instead of properly digging them (making a proper root ball), they ripped them out of the ground bare root, and then back filled a burlap with dirt, and then plopped them in a nursery container.  If you see trees in containers that have burlap around the tree roots, BEWARE!!!!  Although they will not tell you at the store, these trees cannot be safely taken out of the containers until the end of the year!!!!


Note:  if you need large quantities of NATIVE PLANTS, please call first since we must pick these up from our other yard.

~~~ Bend with the wind ~ change with the seasons ~~~

We are a wholesale nursery which also sells to the retail public. We are located on 25 acres just outside of Monroe, Washington, USA.  We have over 500 different types of plants and trees available in our eight acre public display area.   We have a wide selection of plants and trees on-site and are northwest specialists in Japanese Maples, shrubs and Native Plant varieties.  We can help you with your landscaping design ideas and native plant restorations.  We have a large selection of evergreen trees and shrubs on-site which are well suited for use as large or small privacy barriers, hedges or screens.   If you are setting up ground cover to stabilize a slope, looking for the perfect rock garden plant or shopping for an unusual specimen for that special spot, we've got what you need.   Come on out and take a walk through our easily accessible fields or any of our 37 public greenhouses.  Our prices are low and we are a family owned business - so we care. 

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We sell Gift CertificatesThese are a wonderful way to gift your friends with the trees or shrubs of their choice.  Our gift certificates come in any denomination you choose.  You can even order them over the phone from us and we will mail them for you if you like.  If you do choose this option, remember to allow enough time to ensure that your gift certificates arrive in time.

For price and availability information, please call us at 360-794-6823 (no texting please), FAX us at 360-805-4356 or see our contacts page for E-mail addresses.   

 Please note that we take Cash, Debit cards, Master Card and Visa, but NO checks.  If you are retail customer using a credit card and do not have a reseller permit, there will be a 2% surcharge added to the wholesale price in order to help cover the credit card fees and retail sales tax accounting.  If you are a retail customer using DEBIT or CASH, there is no credit card surcharge.  Wholesale customers with valid reseller permits have no surcharge.

As a wholesale nursery, there are no returns, exchanges or guarantees of any kind---once the transaction has been made, whether you have picked up the material or not.  If your purchase is not picked up within 30 days and you have not made arrangements with us to hold it longer, the ownership of the plants returns to Woods Creek Wholesale Nursery.  We charge 2% for credit card transactions, and these fees will never be refunded under any circumstance, since the charges are not refunded to us. 

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