Japanese Maples

At Woods Creek Nursery, we have over 40 varieties of Japanese Maples ranging from small to specimen-size trees. 

We stock a large number of the more common forms likes Acer palmatum (the standard Green Japanese Maple), ‘Bloodgood’ (the most common of the burgundy colored), and ‘Garnet’ (a beautiful low-growing red laceleaf form).

We also carry a number of harder-to-find varieties like, ‘Ukigumo’ (called floating-clouds for its white and pink variegation), ‘Orangeola’ (known for its spectacular foliage color), and ‘Koto no Ito’ (with “harp-string” like foliage that turns bright yellow in fall).

Come in to view our spectacular selection in person and let us help you find one that will be perfectly at home in your garden!

Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple