Expand your offerings without growing your own inventory.

Woods Creek Nursery is now growing for many Puget Sound garden center nurseries that have reduced or stopped growing their own stock.


On Demand

If you sell a wide variety of plants, but want to offer more, our huge selection gives you the chance to offer rare plants and unique varietals without the overhead of stocking and caring for them. And our low prices still give you room to maintain your profit margin.

On Contract

Don't invest in new growing operations — we can grow your best-sellers for you. Leverage our fertile land and sustainable practices to keep your most popular plants in stock and ensure a yearly supply of stock without breaking any new ground.

Yes, we deliver to garden centers, job sites, landscape professionals and for large orders!

We provide standard delivery to nurseries and landscape contractors for larger orders and unique tree purchases. Let's work together to get your specialty Japanese Maples, native species plants and specimen trees delivered where you need them